Palace, Morocco

Traditional Islamic Interior Design

The challenge of restoring a deteriorating space that has been tampered with through the years offers two options: rescue and compromise, or demolish and start over. Given my client's fervor for purity and grandeur, the latter seemed to be the only choice. And so I set about re-shaping, re-grouping and re-conceiving the entire collection of dilapidated buildings. As I immersed myself in Islamic history, patterns, colors, details and traditions, the process served as an education that opened my eyes to the presence of Divine Proportions throughout Islamic patterns and designs. Having the ability to work with perfect proportions not only in shape and layout, but to the very last detail, turned out to be one of the most rewarding professional experiences of my career. Not a typical home for casual lounging and entertaining, the spaces are formal and designed for diplomatic entertainment. All details and patterns were freshly conceived and manufactured per specifications. Highly private and separated from the bustling streets of a chaotic city, the sound of water calms the spirit while the fragrance and vapors of sandalwood and exotic spices filter through the air.