Hôtel Particulier

Aix-en-Provence, France

Built in 1703 by a noble family in the quartier Mazarin of the prominent capitol of Provence, this single-family residence consists of reception rooms on the ground floor, a summer kitchen on the lower floor leading out to the private garden, a complete “Monsieur’s Apartment” facing north, as well as “Madame’s Apartment” facing south. Above all, a maze of servants’ rooms, storage rooms accessible by a separate staircase away from the grand escalier in the core of the building. These photos show the interior of “Monsieur’s Apartment” as renovated and decorated by Stef-Albert in 2013. The vast rooms contain sixteen-foot ceilings, original fireplaces with marble mantels, traditional “Tomette” flooring and boiserie paneling with proportional doors and windows. While some of the glass window insets have been replaced, the original glass is largely still intact. As with many interiors of the time, changes were made in accordance to new styles and fashions. The large bedroom therefore features Louis XV elements, such as the ornate marble mantle, mirror and ceiling detail, while the music salon features simpler lines in accordance with Louis XVI fashion of the day. The library on the other hand, has even fewer ornate features that are more characteristic of Louis XIII.

The interiors have been designed to reflect contemporary life within the walls of history and tradition. Using contemporary art, eclectic shapes and styles, Stef-Albert selected fabrics and surfaces to create a warm and elegant environment. With furnishings and art proportional to rooms, mantels and specific scales, the apartment is graceful, unique, interesting and certainly inviting.