Art Deco Apartment

Paris, France

While Art Deco has enjoyed considerable attention in recent years, it is rare to have "carte blanche" to create something unique, yet traditional for a client who is young and passionate about Art Deco style. My intention was therefore twofold: conceive a fresh approach to Art Deco, while anchoring my designs in pure Deco style with a contemporary twist. With the blank canvas of an unremarkable but spacious apartment, I set about demolishing the entire interior to create a new and practical finished product.Classic Deco finishes and surface applications such as burl wood, marble and custom-colored mahogany are present throughout. High-polished lacquer, satin, silk, suede and leather are combined carefully with brass and iron. The wall covering of the Living Room was specially woven in accordance with an authentic Deco pattern. While the lines and shapes of the room are strong and masculine, the lilac relief of color creates the perfect balance. Not purely Deco throughout, this apartment reflects a modern life with strong reference to the past, but freedom from rigidity.