Defining good taste - Inspiringwomen
Inspiringwomen How does one define good taste?

World-renown artist and designer Stef-Albert gives us some insight into the true fundamentals of good taste

Aircraft Interior design - Private Air
Private Air Undeniable Opulence

World-renowned designer, Stef Albert Bothma, adds super yacht “Iwana” to his repertoire.

iDogi Award winner - Press Release
Press Release Stef Albert is Honored at 2015 iDogi Awards

iDogi 2015 International Architecture and Design Award in Venice, Italy has honored artist and designer Stef-Albert Bothma for his outstanding contribution to architecture and design.







IWANA Super Yacht - Luxe Et Al
Press - Stef Albert The Super Yacht interior design awards 2016

Slick and Timeless Design on the IWANA Super Yacht by Stef Albert

The spaces we inhabit - Apollon Magazine
Press - Stef Albert Stef Albert - The man with the Midas touch

The key to a successful project is in allowing free creativity to preside over preconceived notions or limitations

Architectural Digest (Russia)
Press - Stef Albert


In November 2014, Stef-Albert was invited to speak at a conference in Moscow entitled REVIVAL OF RUSSIAN MANORS: Green corridor for investors. The event was co-organized by Kommersant Publishing House and The Auction House of the Russian Federation, and supported by the Government of Moscow Region and the Ministry of Culture.