Stef-Albert displays an in-depth expertise, a keen eye, an understanding of client needs, and a passion for work that are refreshing and vital for success. Working with Stef-Albert was educational, fascinating, illuminating, and inspiring. His high standards are matched by a great sense of humor. He does excellent work, on time, and within budget requirements. The support staff is outstanding. I recommend Stef-Albert without reservation.

Gil Turchin

Besides his immense talents, Stef-Albert’s ability to listen and determine right away what his client needs or wants is most likely his biggest secret to success. Like a skilled actor, he transforms into a chameleon that adapts, transforms and creates from his endless core of brilliance. After a single conversation, he immediately grasped what we needed, the mistakes we had made and the challenges that lay before us. We had been through a series of renovation mishaps and instead of judging those who faltered before him in an environment of confusion and error, he turned it all around in the blink of an eye. Fast, focused, positive and extremely resourceful, he took immediate charge. The result was incredibly inspiring and far beyond our wildest dreams. While my husband and I have different tastes and requirements, he was able to gel opposite worlds and deliver exactly what we needed. Besides the big picture, his attention to nuance and detail is what sets him apart for the norm.

Dr. Jennifer Bernstein

Words do not capture the skills of Stef-Albert, his multifaceted body of work does so much better. The span of his talent is indescribable, it is hard to believe one human being can create so much, in so many different styles with such precision and such beauty. The common denominator to all, is exquisite sense for beauty, harmony, balance, always freshness and child-like innocence. He easily evokes these feelings in those touched by him and his artful work. His personal kindness, gentleness, caring, and always great style make him an amazing and inspiring person to be around, work with, or be touched by him. Stef is a unique genius as an artist, and as a human being.

Anna Ragaz, MD

Stef-Albert has been a pleasure to work with. He is extremely personable and enthusiastic about his work. When on a project it is reassuring that he stays in close touch throughout. We own a five-story townhouse in Manhattan. Stef-Albert arranged for an extremely difficult project to take place in an absurdly short period of time, and it turned out beautifully. Stef is quick to make decisions and has made great choices. I highly recommend Stef-Albert.

Lia Raum

I would highly recommend Stef. Not only is he highly professional and creative, but he will work with your lifestyle and taste in mind. The best part is that you can turn everything over to him and not be bogged down with any of the minutiae or headaches. You will find that he does not leave any stone unturned and everything will be taken care of down to the slightest detail. I also love his creative ability, and I find that his talent is very multi-faceted among different styles. He is also a wonderful person with a great deal of integrity and will stand by his word.

Baroness de Boutray