Design Approach


The spaces we inhabit are, first and foremost, reflections of our awareness. Our awareness dictates our refinement, and our refinement dictates our standards. The primary function of design is to make itself invisible while conveying the taste, and above all, lifestyle of the client. My role as designer is to enrich the perspective and experience of the client, and to assist in establishing his or her own individual standards of quality living.

The three prevalent elements in my work are always balance, beauty, and rhythm—never trend, force or pretense. While the aesthetic of a completed room is important, the sensory effect on the inhabitant is even more meaningful. Rooms are often impressive at first glance, but only those in which one wants to linger have lasting effect and timeless appeal.


In visual art, we refer to positive and negative space. In music, much of the magic is created in the rests of silence between notes. A piece of music is coherent and balanced because of its specific form, structure and harmonic combinations. An extraordinary space reflects these very same elements. I approach each design as a composer would in outlining the form of a symphony. Layers are built within classical proportions, while artistic liberties create one-of-a-kind originality. My design process is therefore not selecting beautiful objects to fill a space, but rather the skillful orchestration of proportion and combination.

The true elements of timeless artistry are often overlooked in generic design. To me, beauty and harmony come in perfect alignment once objects and forms are placed in positive dialogue to one another. The quality of materials and finishes applied within a design has a vital effect on the subconscious experience of the senses. It is for this very reason that rooms not only look good but feel equally so.


The key to a successful project is in allowing free creativity to preside over preconceived notions or limitations. I take measures to avoid operating my company as a factory with cookie-cutter formulas. Therefore, I select projects with great care in order not to dilute my creative strength. Being an attentive listener and comprehending right away what my client expects of the outcome enables me to continuously lead the project in the right direction. Having free reign as visionary artist provides an arena in which I can create passionately with greatest results.

I strive for artistic and professional integrity for each project from the outset through completion.